Mischa Chandler

  • All About Mischa:



    Where is home:

    Toronto, Onterrible

    Go to Rayne board:

    Killswitch Topmount

    Favourite Set-up:

    50 Deg 186mm Aera's flipped, Christmas (red/green) venoms, Abec 11 classic thane of some kind, and a Killswitch.


    Rayne, Abec 11, Longboard Living, Moon Pucks, Ontario Student Loans.

    Finishing Move:

    Fat toe-side 180.

    Toughest trick to master:

    Switch Toeside.

    Worst Crash:

    Suppressed memories. . .

    Favourite place to skate:

    The Access Road and Citrus Wynd.

    If I could only make one event this year:

    Giants Head Freeride or KNK Longboard Camp.

    Best way to kill time on the road:

    Reading, and the occasional skersploosh.

    Best way to kill time in between heats:


    Longboarding makes you: 

    Stoked, tired, inspired, perspired, somewhat soar, generally satisfied, and alive.

    Favourite Movie:

    Naussica Of the Valley Of The Wind and Killer Condom.

    Best tracks to skate to:

    Dead Prez – Hellz Yeah or Immortal Technique – Freedom of Speech.

    Preferred Board:







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