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  • Georges Siddiqi Georges Siddiqi

    All About Georges:


    most aliases I have aren’t repeatable in polite company…  the most common alias I have is George cuz who the hell puts an “s” at the end of their name?  Or something about hairiness.

    Where is home:

    Originally, Switzerland.  For a long time, socal.  Now? norcal

    Go to Rayne board:

    Killswitch for dh, Timeline for around town

    Favourite Set-up:

    Killswitch, 184 kahas, red venom top, loaded nipple bottom bushing setup (similar front back), and otang in heats


    Rayne, Orangatang, Stoked Skateboards

    Finishing Move:

    Don’t really have one

    Toughest trick to master:

    Standup sliding

    Worst Crash:

    Going 5mph on a flat street I hit a crack and smashed my front tooth out

    Favourite place to skate: 


    If I could only make one event this year:


    Best way to kill time on the road:

    I’m almost always the driver, so either 1) battle to stay awake 2) enjoy the scenery 3) curse at stupid drivers 4) make fun of my car-mates

    Best way to kill time in between heats:


    Longboarding makes you:


    Favourite Movie: 


    Best tracks to skate to:

    No music when I skate, just the wind between my ears

    Preferred Board:






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