Douglas Dalua

  • Douglas Rodrigues da Silva Douglas Rodrigues da Silva Douglas Rodrigues da Silva

    All About Douglas:



    Where is home:

    São Leopoldo Rio Grande do Sul Brasil

    Go to Rayne board:


    Favourite Set-up:

    Nemesis, Aera 7 186mm, Abec11 Flashback’s 75a and Biltin


    Rayne Longboards, Abec11 Wheels, Aera Trucks, TopSkate, Mad Rats, TimeShip Racing, Tacna, and

    Finishing Move:

    movie edition

    Toughest trick to master:

    Footbrake at 130km/h

    Worst Crash:

    2010 in South Africa, after riding with some inexperienced riders I crashed badly and remained 3 months without skating.

    Favourite place to skate:

    Brasil, Vancouver and California

    If I could only make one event this year:

    Brasil Morro da Antena just a paradise.

    Best way to kill time on the road:

    Bombing it with my skate.

    Best way to kill time in between heats: 

    With my girl in an air conditioned room

    Longboarding makes you:

    The happiest man in world, skate is my life.

    Favourite Movie:

    My documentary, will be presented soon showing the life of a skater.

    Best tracks to skate to:


    Preferred Board:

    2012 Rayne Amazon whitebg2






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