Dominique Vukorep

  • All About Dominique:



    Where is home:

    North Vancouver

    Go to Rayne board:

    KillSwitch, but the Baby Killer now

    Favourite Set-up:

    Baby Killer, Munkae trucks with 49 degree base plate with 175 hangers and whatever wheels I’m feeling


    Switchback, Rayne and Munkae

    Finishing Move:

    Punch to the ovaries (were talking about girl on girl cage fighting right??)

    Toughest trick to master:

    I master nothing, I just get by on a series of flukes

    Worst Crash:

    Newton’s 2010 - was going for a pass in the dipper and the guy I was passing slid out, hit me and I went flying breaking my wrist and doing some serious damage to my knee and ankle.

    Favourite place to skate:

    GIANTS HEAD and Britannia

    If I could only make one event this year:


    Best way to kill time on the road:

    Listen to Ke$ha and drinking Riesling

    Best way to kill time in between heats:

    Have not found one yet :(

    Longboarding makes you:


    Favourite Movie:

    Life Aquatic

    Best tracks to skate to:

    Ke$ha or Die!

    Preferred Board:


    Baby Killer




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