Cameron Kite

  • All About Kam:


    Camo Kamakazy

    Where is home:

    Bondi Beach

    Go to Rayne board:


    Favourite Set-up:

    Avenger, Kooky's 


    Rayne, Hopkin Skate, (best skate shop in Oz) Dekline, Wax Lyrical 

    Finishing Move:

    Sub-Zero Spine rip

    Toughest trick to master:

    Anything in Switch.

    Worst Crash:

    I have had too many therapy sessions to block it out. Happy place! happy place! 

    Favourite place to skate:

    Too many! Mc pass Dominos, Dorigo, 7Pins, Corky,

    If I could only make one event this year:

    Danger Bay!

    Best way to kill time on the road:

    That's easy gromit abuse is the best and most fun way to pass the time on the open road.

    Best way to kill time in between heats:


    Longboarding makes me:

    Commit unspeakable acts of raddness

    Favourite Movie:

    Who cares

    Best tracks to skate to:

    I love to skate to fast metal.

    Preferred Board:

    2012 Avenger whitebg-190px







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