Cameron Frazier

  • All About Cameron:


    Donald, CamDon


    Boynton Beach, FL


    Newport Beach, CA

    Dream Location

    In your arms

    Do's and Don'ts

    DON'T -Blow it -Be a kook -Wipe from back to front DO -Spread the stoke -Keep learning new things -Ride Rayne

    Go To Set-up

    Amazon, top mounted with Paris 50* V2s and 70mm/78a Divine Road Rippers

    One Superpower

    Flying...That would be WAY too convenient!

    Race or Freeride, Why?

    Skateboarding...I like any kind of skateboarding. Doesn't matter what style as long as I'm doing it I'm stoked!

    Fork or Spoon, Why?

    Spork...still one utensil and I get the best of both worlds!

    Biggie or Tupac

    I'm a STONG believer in Tupac...he's coming back just you wait!

    Riding Since

    I was in diapers

    With Rayne Since


    If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

    Better question...If I were a hotdog would I even have a mouth? If yes, then if I had a nervous system I don't think I would only because I probably couldn't take the pain of eating myself. If I didn't have a nervous system then most likely I would eat myself but then how would I eat my lips ?

    If you were paid in M & Ms how many bags would you need?

    Enough to resell on the streets to make money to afford things. But then again If I'm having to sell M&M's to afford to live then I should probably reassess my situation. So I guess the REAL answer is none because I wouldn't work for M&M's...I will work for PB&J on the regular though.

    Favourite Event

    Buffalo Bill Downhill and Cathlamet

    Spare Time

    If I'm not skating, I'm typically editing footage of film

    Time Killer on the Road

    Lots of music and Angry Birds.

    Best Results

    I typically win the party


    Rayne Longboards, Vicious Griptape, Paris Truck Co., Divine Wheel Co., Push Culture Apperal

    Shout Outs

    Big thanks to Papa Les!

    Preferred Board:

    2012 Rayne Amazon whitebg2





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