The Rayne Team killed it this weekend at Almabtrieb!

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Saturday, 05 July 2014 01:28

Maryhill Festival of Speed Photos

Rayne team rider Justin Readings snapped a few photos last weekend at Maryhill and finally found some time to throw them up.

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Another year at Maryhill and we did it again! Congrats to Douglas, Patrick and all the other Rayne riders.

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Friday, 06 June 2014 23:30

Douglas Dalua in Vivo Commercial

Dalua was recently in an add for Vivo, one of Brazils largest telecommunication companies.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 22:08

Douglas Dalua - 7 Curves

Douglas Dalua is back on Green and already dropping fresh videos.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014 06:02

Douglas Dalua Back on Green Wheels

After a couple years bouncing around on different Douglas Dalua is back on Abec 11 wheels!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014 14:50

Dalua Downhill on Netflix!

After years of hard work and dedication Rayne team rider Douglas Dalua and the Zeppelin crew has made it onto Netflix!

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Friday, 07 February 2014 12:01

Team Pulse Interview: Douglas Dalua

I shared a few quick words with Rayne team rider Douglas Dalua about the new Brazilian team, Team Pulse.

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Monday, 25 November 2013 00:00

Teutonia 2013 | Muir Skate Longboard Shop

Watch Rayne and Muir Skate team riders Max Ballesteros and Douglas Dalua shred one of the world's gnarliest runs.

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Friday, 06 September 2013 15:54

Downhill Dalua Competing to Appear on Netflix

Rayne team Rider Douglas Dalua and the Downhill Dalua team have been working hard to get on Netflix, now it's up to you to make it happen!

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