October 21, 2013

Weekly Raw #6 - How to make Meringue with Daniel Hawes

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Daniel Hawes is back from traveling and hanging out in Australia for a minute. He's learning to make Meringue again or at least telling you how he used to make it. Check out this raw run with RAHD Skate Sessions!

Daniel Hawes tells us how to make Meringue while skating down a very gnarly hill! Enjoy.
Note: Gopro was a bit dirty which made the footage look foggy.

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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