November 22, 2013

Echeyde: Riding the Paradise. Ep3

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Another episode is out and it's a good one! This is an insane group of people who have an incredible amount of talent.

Echeyde: Riding the paradise nace por una necesidad, la necesidad de explotar y dar a conocer el talento que hay en las islas canarias patinando. Quienes? 12 chicos para nuestro equipo, con edades comprendidas entre los 10 y los 20 años.
Echeyde: Riding the paradise grew out of a need....the need to make the most of, and to publicize to the world, the skating talent that exists in the canaries. Who? 12 guys from our team, between the ages of 10 and 20.

Video: Christian Rosillo & Jorge Moñiz //
Music: Sudakillah, Perdi Rominger
// // //

Riders: Sacha Romero, Victor Bompart, Eloy Perdomo, Juan Campuzano, Fernando Trasobares, Diego Canales, Emanuel Barladeanu, Hector Valcarce, Fernando Díaz, Oscar Martin, Felipe Ravina, Calum Gerrity.

Specials thanks: Julio Minaya, Raul Mejía, Grim Effect, Chris Bouquet, Sudakillah, Martin Diaz, Perdi Rominger, Jean Basualto y Leo Zarate

Thanks to ours sponsors:

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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