October 27, 2010

Long Treks On Skate Decks Episode 9: Pushing Downhill

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Climbing to 14,104 ft we have a gnarly downhill with backpacks that drops us over 7,000ft of elevation and put us into a gorgeous canyon cursed by a massive headwind.  Fighting head winds for 2 days while pushing downhill which really defeats the point of riding down hill, yet we do it smiling the best we can.  Aaron and Paul try some local moonshine and get magical powers.  We got caught off guard by a massive thunderstorm.

SoGnar the Dolphin

So Gnar has been holding it down as a key member of the Rayne team for many moons. Listening and responding to the sound of stoke, So Gnar helps make sure riders get the news on all Rayne has to offer.



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