September 10, 2010

Long Treks On Skate Decks Episode 7: Uphill

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The next installment of the Long Treks on Skate Decks series has been released. These crazy men with longboards are pushing their way up some of the highest mountain peaks in the world on their longboards.

If you haven’t been following the series check out the Rayne Longboards Youtube Channel to watch the other episodes.



Photo: Adam Colton



Photo: Adam Colton



Photo: Adam Colton



Photo: Adam Colton



Photo: Adam Colton


Episode Description:

Persevering onward after Aarons flesh wound, and a medical stop in Pucuio, they

challenge the 3rd mountain pass, climbing 70kms in 1 day to a plateau amidst
18,000 ft plus snowcaps. Flabbergasted with oxygen deficiencies, and cold headwinds,
this episode shows how exhausting high altitude really is. The three dirty
compañeros aventureros endure a night in the negative degrees, sleepless at
nearly 4000 meters. Their boards, tents, and backpacks are covered in frost in
the morning, and they must straddle alpacas all night for warmth.



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