March 3, 2014

Vicious Griptape - New Website

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To celebrate the launch of Vicious Griptape's (we <3 them!) new website, they're hosting a Vicious Scavenger Hunt. All you need to do is answer all the questions correctly. All answers can be found on the Vicious Griptape website.

They'll chose 3 random entries for Vicious swag packs at the end of March.

Click the link to visit Vicious Griptape's new website and participate in the Scavenger Hunt!

scavenger hunt


Claudio Uribe

Claudio adds more grey hair to the Rayne family than we had ever anticipated growing ourselves. A veteran of the Mexican scene, Claudio has helped bring the gift of skate to communities up and down the coast for a few years now. Unlike Santa however, Claudio can't just get a few reindeer to help him slay hills, so when he's not behind a computer or a camera, he's still on top of his deck taking little trips to fun-ville. 


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