March 26, 2014

Tenerife - Who Says It's Winter

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The Who Says It's Winter freeride was a huge success! While they only expected 20 odd riders to come out the session ended up with over 60 skaters showing up with a bunch more locals spectating.

Patrick Switzer sent us a couple words about the event:

Hey guys,

Wanted to mention we had a surprising turnout to the "Who says it's winter" free-ride in Tenerife. I had thought it would be a more local get together of 20-30 and we ended up with 60+. Quite overwhelming for a low key session, yet it was nice to see so many skating and the local residents and farmers enjoying to watch.

People came from the other islands and even main land Spain to join in.

Event page:

The spot is in the national forest with only farm land around so no one to bother.
Unfortunately the "Guardia Civil" came to bust up the session half way through because of multiple calls days before from a local event organizer from the box kart racing group. He seemed to have issues with us having fun and not them. He decided it was his duty to give us a hard time. Would have loved to see these karts try to make it down the road!

Unfortunate for the local issues...
Thankfully there is another quiet session spot which is one-way downhill in the closest town, so everyone easily moved on and continued.

Thanks to the participation of Alberto (PerroPro) to lead the group, the worst trick contest became quite silly.
Some of the most creative shitty tricks I've seen in a while. Especially on such a steep road! Was nice to help teach and spread the enthusiasm to allow everyone the chance to skate and not sit on the sidelines.

For me it was a perfect warm up to the clinic coming up in the Philippines!

Thanks to Gilles from FORTrate for sending products from, Triple 8, Holesom, Rayne, and Otang to give away.

Thanks to all of you for stoking out the kids and getting the whole community together which doesn't happen too often on the island. Especially with so much participation from the other islands and mainland.

Thanks to Iriome Garcia Gonzalez for this classic photo of Patrick!!

You should also check the FORTrate coverage on the event here:

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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