May 31, 2011

Rayne Team Riders Dominate Coast Longboarding Events

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With news from UNKLE’s Britannia Classic 2011 already out and K-Rimes already home from surgery we finally have a couple days to stretch and catch up on the last week before Britannia and pass you all the news from Coast Longboarding.

Edgemont Grind

Kicking off the podium bonanza, Rayne Team Rider, Abec 11 shredder Escarpment SurferMoon Puck-er, and Longboard Living-er Mischa Chandler brought his Onterrible Steeze to a 1st place podium WIN over and down a hellacious coastal road!!


[Photo Credit: Coast Longboarding]

Danger Bay Slide Competition

The Slide Competition was wet and wild this year with STRIKER adding to it by making it rain with ALL the CA$H getting dumped on the road for the sliders to poach. Rayne Team Rider Mark Short from the UK came into town and spun the crap out of some serious speed wobbles and just ridiculous tight lines on a crowded hill.


Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Special mention to Rayne Team Riders Mischa Chandler (AGAIN!) for getting in the top 10;



[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Cam Frazier for his No Shirt, No Shoes Hard Wheel Shredding on the new Rayne Renegade;


[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Mike Benda for bring back some of his Panda-Power super sliding to DBX;


[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

and Cam McQueen for having some of the sickest, steeziest, superspeedy, long standies and all kinds of slashing and sliding.


Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Attack of Danger Bay X

Another epic year goes down in infamy in Pender Harbour as Coast Longboarding’s Attack of Danger Bay had record cash prizes and record crowd sizes! This years Danger Bay saw now injured Kevin K-Rimes Reimer destroy the track and WIN his second Attack of Danger Bay!!


[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]



[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Also taking the podium is 2011 Rayne Team Rider Dominique Vukorep placing 3rd in the Ladies class.


[Photo Credit: Les Robertson]

Jakes Rash

The blue skies of Danger Bay came and went and the BC Coastal Rainforest kicked in for some dry, then wet, then patchy, then wet Jakes Rash race day mixups. Kevin Reimer once again took the podium for a solid 1st place WIN!!


[Photo Credit: Cameron Frazier]


[Photo Credit: Cameron Frazier]

Big shout out to Sector 9’s Jeff Budro who had a bad crash in a practice heat. Best of health and speedy recovery bro.

Also, we want to mention how hugely stoked we are to have such a sick international Rayne Longboards team in BC racing right now. Keep your eyes open for more photo and video with Rayne Team Riders Cameron Frazier, Micah Gutierrez, Jose Guzman, Michael Bowditch, Cameron Kite, Mark Short and Robin Sandberg all in attendance from the USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, the UK, and Sweden.

SoGnar the Dolphin

So Gnar has been holding it down as a key member of the Rayne team for many moons. Listening and responding to the sound of stoke, So Gnar helps make sure riders get the news on all Rayne has to offer.



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