June 28, 2011

Rayne Team Rider Douglas Dalua Premiers Dalua Downhill

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Rayne Team Rider Douglas Dalua has been known for his incredile push, dominant racing, and amazing stoke. He is a man and a legend to not only those in the global longboard community, but to his friends and family at home in Brasil and abroad. This season, Dalua, with the help of Zepplin Films is releasing a 5 part series on his quest for the World Championship. Here's what he had to say:

The first episode of my documentary will be on within this week together with Zeppelin Films one of the biggest publicity companies of all Brazil and directed by Rodrigo Pesavento, one of the most recognized director of our country. Everything started with an simple idea of taking a camera to Canada last year, than after collecting plenty of awesome footages from North America the idea became in a DH Skate movie, a documentary with 5 episodes of 23 minutes each one... The documentary shows my battle for the very first DH Skate World Championship for Brazil, a year that I raced all rounds but shows also part of my history, my family, my friends and my life together with some very special friends with whom I currently skate with. It's really very beautiful and emotion, a very well done documentary and directed by a real great director of the Brazilian cinema; along the 5 episodes we show everything regarding the downhill skate concepts. I know I'm the first DH Skate rider to have a such complete documentary done and I'm very happy with the results we achieve. This week the first episode will be on-line in Zeppelin website and following we will present 1 episode every month till have the whole movie ready. Hope you all like it! Dalua

On his website you always will find the teasers and right after, the episodes after each is released:

Episode 1:

SoGnar the Dolphin

So Gnar has been holding it down as a key member of the Rayne team for many moons. Listening and responding to the sound of stoke, So Gnar helps make sure riders get the news on all Rayne has to offer.



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