July 25, 2011

Rayne Riders Nick Jean and Mike Slota Podium Mount Washington DH 2011

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Rayne Riders Nick Jean and Mike Slota Podium Mount Washington DH 2011 Photo: Brad Tomlinson - Fixed Frame Media

Rayne Team Rider Nick Jeans takes 3rd in one of the fastest races of the Coast Longboarding, Northern Underground Adrenaline Circuit (N.U.A.C.) - The Mount Washington DH. Team Rider Mike Slota takes 2nd in Juniors. Not just known as a fast course, the Mount Washington Downhill race is also well known for its crazy food menu that never sends a rider home hungry! Longtime organizer West Sampson and team (including Rayne Team Rider Mike Slota) planned out a mad weekend of freeriding, eating and racing that didn't disappoint.

Rayne didn't just have some sick riders at the event, we also made some super sick custom Vendetta's for the podium!


(Junior Podium Winners: Slota, Lynds, de Bruin)

Check all the updates on the Mount Washington DH Website for past results and future races. 2011 results and images:

2011 Results


1st - Taylor Riley "The Pulverizer"
2nd - Zen
3rd - Nick Jean
4th - Mack "Attack" Wacey


1st - Charlie Darragh
2nd - Mike Slota
3rd - Aidan Lynds
4th - Levi de Bruin

Check our what the Organizers had to say on Coast Longboarding! All the thanks goes to them, so let them know you can't wait for Mt. Washington 2012 on the Coast Longboarding message board!

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