August 9, 2013

Rayne Flow Rider Riley Irvine x Devin Super Tramp x Ford

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Utah Local and Daily Dawn patroller Riley Irvine recently appeared on Devin Super Tramp's Newest video. It features a bunch of skateboarders, A Ford Focus, and a super rad hill.

Devin Super Tramp has been making videos about awesome products and interesting ideas for just over 2 years. From Wild african cats, to one of the largest games of dodgeball ever, Devin has been producing awesome videos for the public to watch. Devin enjoys capturing people having the most amount of fun and involved in the wildest activity, he's committed to putting the audience in the action in every video he makes. And thats why his videos go viral.
There is no exception with his newest release: Longboarding Adventure - Insane Speeds
Check out Rayne Flow rider Riley Irvine and his fellow Utah skaters shred down a closed local road. Devin gets some awesome shots with a film car while a stunt driver rallies behind the skaters at full speed.
Riley is wearing a Predator Fullface helmet, a purple shirt, and is riding the Rayne Fortune, check out the video below to watch him and a few others rip down a hill...

If the "Making Of" this video interests you, check it out below... Devin really brings the audience along with him on this crazy car ride. 
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Les Robertson

Papa Les has been falling off a skateboard since the invention of roads... problem is he still falls... a lot. Most of the time you'll find him safely behind a desk, holding a camera or driving Tiffany, the rest of the time WATCH OUT!



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