April 4, 2012

Patrick Switzer Joins Rayne Longboards

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Patrick Switzer riding the Rayne Vandal Patrick Switzer riding the Rayne Vandal Andrea Sebestova

Patrick Switzer has been one of the Longboarding World's top competitors and ambassadors for a number of years now. After a long history with Fullbag Skateboards, Orangatang Wheels and Vicious Griptape, Patrick is making changes for 2012 and has agreed to join us here at Rayne Longboards.

Rayne Team Mangager Les Robertson:

Patrick Switzer is not only one of my favorite skaters, he's one of my favorite people. He is a true sportsman and one of only a few true professional longboarders in the sport. For all his professionalism, you can still count on Patrick to put you on 'P-Swiss Time', show up with Maple Syrup in the most random places on Earth, shred serious gnar wherever and whenever and of course, Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips.

Words cannot express how stoked we are to have Patrick joining Rayne. His background in engineering, world championship race experience and ridiculous level of fun are going to bring all kinds of good times and amazing new gear to Rayne and the global longboard community. 

From Patricks Facebook Page:

"Jumping from coast to coast to the Rayne Longboards team. An open armed incredibly sincere thanks to Fullbag Skateboards for all the support over the last three years. FULLBAG DUDE!!"

Check out the Longboard media world for more info, interviews with Patrick Switzer and get a close up of his new custom NJK Leathers and custom Triple 8 Helmet.  


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Welcome to Rayne P-Swiss. We're stoked to be skating with you!

Les Robertson

Papa Les has been falling off a skateboard since the invention of roads... problem is he still falls... a lot. Most of the time you'll find him safely behind a desk, holding a camera or driving Tiffany, the rest of the time WATCH OUT!



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