July 23, 2013

Mt Tabor 2013 - George Takes Third

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A couple of the Rayne team riders ended up in the Portland area for a pretty popular downhill race, the Mount Tabor Downhill Challenge.

It's an old school tuck race where your feet have to be close together on the front of your board. Luke Melo did a bit of a write up for us and here it is:

July 21, 2013 – It was a last minute decision to head down to Mount Tabor Downhill in Portland, but I was stoked to be back in America! It was definitely an adventure I’ll never forget. It starts at the Rayne Factory Store in North Vancouver where Les Robertson, Levi Green, George Mackenzie, Jose Guzman, and myself met up start our weekend. We were gripping some boards and Levi ended up with a Vicious beard running all the way around his face and hat. I bet him $20 that he couldn’t cross through the American border with it on his face. He took the bet and 2 hours later we showed up at the border. The customs officer takes our passports, looks inside at everybody and immediately pulls us over for more questioning inside. At this point he took off the Vicious beard, but it was a solid effort and took a lot of balls for sure! After a short time we’re finally on our way to our first stop in Seattle.

            Our first stop was at our good friend Nate Blackburn’s place where we chilled out and had a couple of beers after a long car ride. I had just met him at Maryhill a few weeks before at the festival of speed and it was rad to see him again. I was super stoked because this was my first time in Seattle and it was really cool to experience it with a local. We shredded the UW campus and parking garages along the way before we continued down to Portland.

            We arrived to Mt. Tabor late that evening and tried to find a place in the park to sleep. We were there no more than ten minutes, still around the car, and the police show up. They approached us and were actually really cool. They thought we were a bunch of teenagers drinking illegally in the park and seemed disappointed when they didn’t have to arrest us for anything. Once they left, we figured it wasn’t a good idea to sleep at Mt. Tabor so we drove across town to the switchbacks at Zoo Bomb. We set up sleeping bags and hammocks here for the night.

            In the morning we woke up to two police officers kicking us out of the park. This was actually a saving grace because it was 9:30am and we were already late for the event! A thanks to the Portland’s finest for that wakeup call and keeping us on time. Its funny, but after sleeping for 4 hours in a park and waking up to the police, I hadn’t felt this well rested in months! We found some breakfast at some food carts, where I got to make a smoothie on a bicycle-powered blender to a bluegrass soundtrack. Already I felt like I was getting an authentic Portland experience.

            We arrived at Mt. Tabor and the vibe was amazing. It had the atmosphere of a big sanctioned event, but also a low-key friendly environment. It was hot hot hot, so staying hydrated and spending lots of time in the shade was a must! The hill wasn’t super fast or technical, but the old school tuck made it a lot of fun. The race was a blast with lots of different strategies. My tuck changed every single heat until I was eliminated at the finish like by a hand length. Big ups to G-MACK for getting third place, so bummed he got tackled from behind I know he could have won for sure! His knee rash was really deep but he walked away with cold hard cash and another coast medal to add to the collection.

            After the event we ventured into downtown Portland to get some shawarma and pizza. I’d never seen so many hipsters and bums in my life. I was craving something from Voodoo Doughnuts but the lineup was outrageous! Levi and myself got shafted from the bar because we’re 20 (which is a real kick in the pants coming from being legal in Canada). It didn’t seem like we missed much though, as we kept ourselves well entertained roaming the downtown area. We said our goodbyes to Jose as he was hoping on a plane back to Puerto Rico. We picked up Kyle Wester for the drive back to Vancouver and got back around 4am Monday morning. I missed my flight that morning because I passed out through my alarm but it was totally worth it for the awesome weekend. Want to throw big shout outs to Rayne for getting us down there, Billy Bones and all the volunteers who made this event run smoothly, and the whole Portland crew for holding it down and showing us a great time!

Despite being tackled George ended up with a third place finish! Big ups to him for getting up and finishing.

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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