September 24, 2013

Max Meurling: Eurotour 2013

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Max had an awesome 2013! It didn't start or end with the Eurotour but this is what happened while he was cruising around Europe.


So the Eurotour started off at Kozakov for me, flew down to Prague with two Swedes and from Prague we took a cab to some random buss station. None knew English but we managed to hop on the right buss to Kozakov.


Kozakov was epic as always, the track is scary, fast and technical. The race was awesome though I got knocked out in the first round against Zen Shikaze and Rob McWhinnie. Kozakov also offered great food such as blueberry pancakes and deep fried camembert. Although all this was awesome the party was killing it! Just lots of people and shit loads of booze!

Chilling at Kozakov

After Kozakov I jumped in Erik Lundbergs with a goal to get down to South of France, maybe for peyragudes or the coast. First stop on the way was Grim Mountain.



Eriks car at the some pass in France

Grim was an amazing event! Track wasn't anything special but we took pack runs with 12 people and we got 27 runs in one day! Racing in grim was great, but the race never ended because a winner/loser bracket system. Don't know how it works, but got a lot of race heats. Got knocked out in quarter finals or something against Kyle Martin, Kyle Wester and Billy Bones.

Me, Nikolas Desmarais, Billy Bones and Jakob Raab at Grim

Grim Mountain

Grabbing some burgers on the way to France

After Grim Deen jumped in the car as well and we started to travel to Peyragudes

Once we got to France we decided to skate some hills that the ludgers we traveled with knew. First of on that list was La Planche.

Me and Deen at the top of La Planche

La Planche offered some great hairpins, gnarly sweepers with shitty pavement and lots of fun!

After La Planche we went to some other place in France which was amazing. Tons of hairpins, sweepers and had just everything.

Top of the pass in France

Erik, Berry, Uldis, Me and Deen at the top

After this pass the freeride where over because of the rain at Mount Ventoux, but we got a nice view from the top!

Top of Mount Ventoux, looks like the moon landing or something.

Rayne is everywhere doing everything

Now, last destination on the Eurotour, Peyragudes.

Peyragudes was amazing, great track and great weather! I did only 2 runs first day because I felt ill.. So had only 2 practise runs before qualification. At qualification day the transponder system didn't work that well. We got two runs in the morning, and the second run didn't count for anyone due to some technical thingy. After lunch when me and Erik came down to check our quali times I saw that I didn't have any time at all, so I was one out of 5 unlucky riders who didn't get any quali time at all in the morning... But everything got solved in the afternoon and we got plenty of runs anyways!

First heat with Danky Dean, Erik Lundberg and someone.

First heat was against Danky Dean, Erik Lundberg and someone more, but I decided to sit down in the hay in the first corner all by myself...

Peyragudes sunset

So this was my Eurotour this year. Just had a great time with some awesome people. Looking forward for the Eurotour next year!

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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