November 13, 2013

Max Ballesteros 6th Overall IDF

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Rayne team rider Max Ballesteros had a killer season. He made it to finals in 4/6 IDF races and took 6th overall.

He also gave us his play by play on the last two events; pretty interesting to see from the riders point of view vs. a video.

The Festival de la Bajada, was rad I had a great time!
The track is super tech, full of hairpins and sweepers... on qualifying day I actually managed to have the
fastest time of the day overall, but unfortunately it didn't count because it was supposed to be a warm
up run which I didn't know about and I ended up using my only fresh set of wheels that I had for that day hahaha.
With scrubbed I managed to qualify in 6st place with a difference of 0.5 from first and went on for race day confident that I could do better.
As you may have seen I made it to finals and tried a gnarly pass on James from second to first on the crowd corner, but he shut the door and we crashed, so I endep up with 4th place and riding james board to the finish line hahaha.
The Mega Grand Prix was super sick, I had alot of things to do for everything to work out as planned and didn't concentrate too much on riding during the first few days. For a good part of qualifying day it was me and Thiago in 2nd and 1st, so I was satisfied with that and went on to do other things. On the last 30min of qualy some riders took some faster runs while the sun went down and I was knocked down to 6st place.
Race day I made to finals again, my forth final out of six IDF races this year, made me stoked for sure!!
It was hectic, many passes during the whole run! I made a mistake which cost me alot, wrong shoe for race day with no sole hahah and my foot slipped both in semi's and final's which was a bummer, I had a good chance of winning this one but Adam deserved it and I give all the credits on an amazing year of racing for him!!

We're also expecting a new video from Brazil soon so get stoked on that!

Justin Readings

Justin began skating in Toronto, Ontario and has now moved west to work more closely with us at Rayne. He's an experienced traveler, most known for keeping his pucks down, although recently he's doing a lot more freeriding. Justin rides for Rayne Longboards, Dr Vie Superfoods, and Switchback Longboards.


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