July 6, 2010

Jackson Shapiera – Voss Downhill Champion

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2010 Voss Downhill Championship Results:

1st – Jackson Shapiera (Rayne Longboards)
2. Christoffer Sanne
3. Alex Horthe
4. Torbjorn Sunde
5. Louis Pilloni
6. Robin Sandberg

Euro Tour Part 2: Voss Downhill Championship from SkateHouseMedia.com on Vimeo.

This has got to be the most amazing week of my life. The festival here in Voss is like nothing i’ve experienced before. The best athletes from all over the world have collected here to participate in some of the most extreme sports known to man. Every day people are pushing the limits and taking their sport to the next level, and to be here witnessing it and even participating is just awesome.

Voss is an epic place, the scenery here is amazing, so many huge mountains, tons of waterfalls everywhere, the scenery is lush and full of colour, and the people are all so friendly and really warm up to outsiders that have come to experience this place. In the past few days we have skated some of the most epic hills ive ever experienced, including one hill that was 18%, one way downhill, fresh blacktop and had over 20 hairpins… crazy as all hell. It was the gnarliest road ive ever seen, and to be able to rally down it with good mates was just a blessing.

The longboarding scene here in Scandinavia is really blowing up, there were over 80riders competing at the race, with some as young as 15 years old. you can really tell how hard these guys push the limits of downhill skateboarding as they have some of the best terrain in the world to ride all the time. The top riders here in Norway are extremely talented skaters, they are all fast as hell and hungry for the win, competing against the crew here was rad, and i was so stoked to see so many people ripping it up and getting in the mix.

The race hill was beautiful, it went down this amazing valley with a huge waterfall and had several fast hairpins thrown in the middle. During practice it was hard to stay focused on the track as i was always taken away by the beautiful scenery surrounding me. I had so many fun runs with the crew im traveling with (louis, Leeso and robin) and all day we were shredding hard and taking the track to the limits. It was also great to get in the mix with the local rippers and check out the talent that we would be competing again, and after a day of riding with everyone i knew that this race was going to be a tough one to win.

In the finals i was up against Alex and Torbian from Norway and Sonne from Sweden. Sonne was the champion from the previous year, and i had not raced any heats against him all day. I was quite nervous on the start line and had to think hard about how i was going to race this heat. From the start i let everyone push out in front so i could draft the push and get good speed through the first few corners. This also allowed me to take clean lines as the other riders were battling for the good positions. Coming into the 2nd corner Torbian and Alex got a bit too gnar and scrubbed off some speed, and i was able to slot through the gap right into Sonne’s draft for the long straight into the bottom section. I got a good draft off Sonne and got out in front, but he snuck into my slip stream and went for the pass before the last corner. Him and i were side by side for the bottom section and it was do or die time. I hit the corner faster than i had before and had no choice but to go for it, it was a move that was either going to win or lose the race for me, luckily i kept my line clean and made it through with enough speed to stay in front for the finish line. I was met at the finish line by Louis (he won the consi final) who dumped a few bottles of water on my head and gave me several hi-fives. I was super stoked to get a victory in an international race, and to compete against some damn talented skateboarders was just a blessing, especially in such a beautiful place like Voss.

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