February 11, 2014

BC Rayne Groms: Kurtis and Dane

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It's a common saying here in BC that "If you don't skate in the rain, you don't get to skate at all." These two BC flow groms have taken that saying to heart and are out there getting wet and shreddy on the regular!

Kurtis is an Abbotsford kid turned Pender local and he slays the freeride department. Kurtis will rip down any hill you put infront of him on any setup. Look for Kurtis this year shredding slide jams and getting sideways in all weather conditions! Kurtis is riding the Rayne Phantom with Gunmetal Trucks and 62mm 80a Rayne Envy's.

Dane is a Pender local who lives up to the high level of skating this island town breeds. An excellent freerider and even better racer, Dane destroys inside lines and mashes apexes on the daily. Dane is riding the Rayne Symmetrical Avener, with Aera Trucks, and 70mm 80a Rayne Lust's.

If you see these guys around, be sure to give them a high five and ask for some Rayne stickers! Keep killing it boys! If you are intersted in becoming a part of our flow team be sure to follow the instructions here to submit your application. 

Aidan Lynds

Aidan is a 19 year old who has a ton of fun on his skateboard and even more fun traveling with it. Reigning from Vancouver BC, his skating matured quickly while following some of the best in the world down his home runs. Aidan enjoys nothing more than a sunny day on the hill with his bro's - always celebrating, never falling. Aidan is supported by Rayne Longboards, Sector 9 wheels, and Switchback longboards. Look for Aidan on a hill near you.


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