July 19, 2010

Almabtrieb World Longboard Championships – Germany

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Team Rayne Longboards takes Almabtrieb World Championships by storm and dominates the podium!
World Championship Results:

Open class:

Kevin Reimer – 1st

Jackson Shapiera – 2nd

Douglas Rodrigues da Silva(Dalua) – 7th

Woman’s class:

Brianne Davies – 1st

Junior’s Class:

Spencer Smith – 3rd

Words by:

Jackson Shapiera

The hill was definitely world championship material, it had technical turns with some late apexs, long straightaways with speeds up to 100km/h and huge fast hairpins that required a lot of speed control negotiate with a solid amount of exit speed.

The field of riders attending this race was of the best in the world. Crew came from all over the world including the best from Canada, USA, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Brazil and many more. Being at the top of the hill with so many talented skate boarders on one of the raddest tracks in the world was simply a blessing, mixed with hot sunny days and cheap beer i could not ask for a better time.

Almabtried really stepped it up this year with a racing bracket that allowed 128 riders. This was awesome as so many people had a chance to go for victory and get in the mix. However this made the race much longer than previous races i’ve attended. From the start the heats were stacked, the amount of talent getting around the world these days is extremely high In the men’s finals it was Kevin Reimer, Patrick Switzer, Erik Lundberg and myself facing off for the title of World Champion.

Right from the start Kevin was off like a race horse, exploding out of the starting line and into the lead with Patrick followed close behind, and Erik and myself behind them. The pack stayed extremely tight coming into the first few corners and was really exciting to mix it up with these guys, swapping leads and pushing the limits down the track. Kevin held a commanding lead down the whole track with Switzer going for the draft along the fast straight. Chasing these guys down the fast part gave me an extremely enormous draft and I had to make a daring pass on Switzer as he was foot breaking into the last corner. As I did not want to mess everyone up with a sloppy foot break at 90ks I decided to pick a good spot and throw a mega slide. It was a daring move but then allowed for a chain of events to follow, I scrubbed a lot of speed through the corner and both Erik and Switzer passed me through the exit, however this put two people in front of me allowing a bit of a draft coming down the final section. I felt myself start to pick up some more momentum following them and timed the pass right to take the 2nd place. Kevin just totally dominated and whooped all our asses. He had enough distance before the finish line to look back, stand up, carve twice and fist the air before taking the win. My hat goes off to Kevin, he skated extremely well all day (and has been all year) and is really pushing the limits. He is such an extremely talented skateboarder and getting the chance to race with him at the world championships is truly and honour, well done Kevin!


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