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Nori Tamura has been doing a bunch of writing for Skate Slate recently but still gets tons of skating in!

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Rayne team riders Justin Readings and Tommy Watson went out for a rip today.

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October 26, 2014

Skoa Design Blog

Been keeping up with Skoa trucks? Not only do they have images of a bunch of our team they spend some time smack talking as well!

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Some of the crew headed out with Switchback Longboards to the Longboard Park opening in Kamloops.

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October 20, 2014

Jaqusang's Ride Review

Rayne team rider Jaqusang posted up a review of his Rayne Savage.

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Here's another 5 images straight from our Insta! If you haven't already seen them then your behind.

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Justin Readings interviewed Patrick Switzer about the Festival de la Bajada in Colombia, the release of the Rayne Misfortune and a bit of Greener Pastures.

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Tommy Watson has changed a bunch of his setup since the last time he did a Setup Saturdays so here's his new shit.

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