March 11, 2011

Rayne Longboards Wins Concrete Wave Readers Choice Awards!

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Concrete Wave Magazine has been a leader in Longboarding news for 10 years. This year along with AXS Gear Directories, Concrete Wave hosted the Second Annual Readers Choice Awards. Rayne Longboards was one of the TOP Award winners with readers voting Rayne to be one of the best manufacturers in the world!!

Rayne recieved the TOP reader selections for the following categories:

  • Deck Company (Downhill): Rayne Longboards #1
  • Deck Company (Free-ride): Rayne Longboards #1
  • Best Deck (Long Distance): Rayne Longboards #1

Rayne was also selected for:

  • Deck Company (Slide): #2
  • Deck Company (Carving/Cruising): #6
  • Deck Company (Slalom): #6
  • Deck Company (Freestyle): #5
  • Most Admired Company: #2
  • Most Desired to Work For: #2
  • Most Improved Company: #4


(Click the image to see Fullsize!!)


Watch the full award ceremony (broadcast live thanks to Push Culture News) from the Longboard Expo hosted by Longboard Loft NYC:

Les Robertson

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