September 26, 2013

Limited Release Symmetrical Avenger

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A classic board now has a new shape - for a limited time!

The Rayne Avenger has been an ever popular board in the Rayne line up. As speedboarding advanced (we're dating ourselves!), freeriding took on a whole new direction, switch! Biggie Bossie and the team decided to get nuts and make the Avenger symmetrical... oooh aaaah!!! Seems like a bit of smoke and mirrors, but it's snot. The new shape made a directional, tapered foot platform into a twin, foot locking, standup, fun machine. 

After releasing the prototyope Symmetrical Avenger for a 3rd revision in 2012, the new Symmetrical Avenger got Fat Bottom and was too delicious to not sell. Then we ran out. After many months of emails, hate mail, facebook call outs and a few bribes, we made a batch of Symmetrical Avengers for the true Rayne afficianados out there. This one's a bit stiffer then the 2012 version, we think you'll enjoy.

Length: 37"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 26.25/ 27.5/ 27.75/ 28.5"

Check out what's in stock now:

Les Robertson

Papa Les has been falling off a skateboard since the invention of roads... problem is he still falls... a lot. Most of the time you'll find him safely behind a desk, holding a camera or driving Tiffany, the rest of the time WATCH OUT!



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