May 6, 2013

2013 Horror Slide Series Out Now

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The 2013 Slide Series is a re-invigorated effort into providing our team with a more diverse range of hybrid and trick specific decks. If you can remember, Rayne has put out both the Catalyst and the Agent in the past with the Agent being honored as a Signature Series board. These decks were part of every Rayne rider’s quiver. Better then ever, each board in the new series has a specific usage in mind and fits the needs of our team for all around skateboarding, tech sliding, transition and bowl and of course downhill. The Horror Series graphics are reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s illustrated horror movie posters and feature some of our favorite ghouls! 

Check out Longboardism for a sick write-up from editor Oz!

Homewrecker – Dracula

Homewrecker Mockup

The Homewrecker was first released as a protoype only. At 40 inches, this monster double kick is not for everyone – it can destroy you! This is the thickest and heftiest layup in the Slide Series and is made Speed Stiff for poppin ollies and doing big stand-ups at speed. You can literally tackle any kind of terrain and still end your day at a park for some chill time when you’re done hiking hills. The Homewrecker is ideal for the big-man in particular. If you’re 6feet plus or tipping the scales with all the love you have to give, you now have a board that’s just right for you.


  • Length- 40" 

  • Width- 9.375" 

  • Wheel Base- 21" or 22" 

Moar Details

Phantom – The Mummy

Phantom Mockup

The Phantom was first released in 2012 to fit a one-two Phantom-Renegade combination that would offer team riders a more accessible hybrid wheelbase over the smaller Renegade. Where the Renegade was more for tech slide and bowl skating, the Phantom opened up a more diverse range of downhill riding that helped carry riders towards more hybrid riding. This is a key all around ripper for the Rayne team.


  • Length- 37" 

  • Width- 9.375" 

  • Wheel Base- 18" or 19" 

Moar Details

Renegade – Frankenstein

Renegade Mockup copy

In 2010, Rayne was discontinuing the Catalyst and Agent. Longboarding was longboarding and skateboarding was skateboard. Tech Sliding had a very small following and even Rayne team riders were more focused on downhill runs and freeriding drop decks like the Nemesis and Killswitches. Refusing to skate one way, Graham Buksa dropped the two-board slide lineup and brought out the updated, symmetrical double kick style that permeates the Slide Series and released the Renegade. The Rayne team immediately got stoked with then model and helped bring the Renegade from a limited release to a full production model, taking the Renegade with them around the world!


  • Length- 34.5" 

  • Width- 9.375" 

  • Wheel Base- 15.5" or 16.5" 

Moar Details 

Catalyst – Wolfman

catalyst mockup

Despite being dropped from the line-up years ago, Rayne team riders have been riding the slide series downhill most and asked for the return of the Catalyst for more trick skating. While the Renegade is rad for Tech and Transition, the team wanted something a bit more nimble for things like kickflips that are a bit easier to pop-off on a smaller board. 

While we are bringing the Catalyst back for summer 2013, it will only be a limited run!


  • Length- 32.5" 

  • Width- 9.375" 

  • Wheel Base- 15.5"

Moar Details

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