December 19, 2013

Interview with Shop Rat Photographer: Kevin Hashimoto

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Kevin has been hanging around and helping out the the Rayne Factory store for a few years now and has been killing it with his photos recently. Kevin started with rayne as a highschool work experience student, and has quickly progressed to helping out around the factory, packing boxes, and shooting photos for us. He recently had one of his photos published in the photo annual of Heelside Magazine, and his photo made the main poster for the 2013 Cityfest longboard event. Killing it!


Heelside shot

Myself and Tyler peterson in the newest issue of Heelside Magazine.


Check out a few snaps from a recent photoshoot with teamriders Tyler Peterson, and Will Smallwood.


Will goes switch around a local bend.


Tyler tweaks out a predrift.


I sat down with Kevin for a few minutes last week and managed to squeeze a few answers out of him.

Aidan: Hey Kevin! Hows it goin?

Kevin: Doing well, just finished my finals for school. Feeling good!

Aidan: Glad to hear! First question - How long have you been using a camera for?

Kevin: I think it was back in 2011 when I started fooling around with a GoPro and making silly short films with some friends. I started fooling around with a DSLR when I took 'Digital Media' as my course elective in highschool.

Aidan: Rad - when did you start working at Rayne?

Kevin: Back in October of 2010. I was taking a work experience course at my highschool and decided to contact rayne. I shot Les an e-mail and he hit me back inviting me to help out around the factory, and later on offering me a job at rayne which was super cool

Aidan: What do you do at Rayne now?

Kevin: I mostly help out with the retail shop in the front, but if shipping needs a hand i'm around to help. I've been stoked on doing some more community involved work this year with Cityfest 2014 coming up. 

Aidan: Favourite photo you've ever taken?

Kevin: A favourite? Thats hard - I really like this shot I got of Will last weekend...


Aidan: Thanks for checkin' in Kevin, hope to see you soon...

Kevin: Yea Aidan! Anytime... Catch ya on the flip side.

If you'd like to check out more of Kevins photography its available to view right here!

Aidan Lynds

Aidan is a 19 year old who has a ton of fun on his skateboard and even more fun traveling with it. Reigning from Vancouver BC, his skating matured quickly while following some of the best in the world down his home runs. Aidan enjoys nothing more than a sunny day on the hill with his bro's - always celebrating, never falling. Aidan is supported by Rayne Longboards, Sector 9 wheels, and Switchback longboards. Look for Aidan on a hill near you.


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