February 16, 2011

Something’s Different at Rayne Longboards Contest – WINNERS!

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Well, when we set out to announce the winner, we had only planned to have one. Lucky for contestant number 2, second place pays off. Since the first person we drew won the deck, but missed the slide gloves, we decided to draw again. We’re not always this nice

News Somethings-Different-at-Rayne-Longboards-Contest-WINNERS W

REMEMBER: Game of S.K.A.T.E. II is still going on. Get off your excus-ass and skate! It’s Winter. My mommy won’t let me. It’s illegal here. Bull Shit. Grab your plank and go win a shiny new Vendetta just in time for the dry season.

1. Winner of Rayne’s 2011 HELLCAT graphic release contest: Aaron Breetwor

His Answers:

1.Guy in Shot (Nick Jean) <—- NOT NICK JEAN!
2.Straightened Hellcat
3.Flipped Hellcat
4.Missing guns of the 1800s sign
5.New deck
6.Isis in place of Hellcat
7.Switched around powerballs and freerides
8.Skinny brown package
9.Stack of Skate[Slate] Longboarding Mags
10.One less set of wheels (also reorganized)
11.Missing cardboard scraps
12.Flipped hoodie

2. Winner of Rayne’s 2011 IDLE HANDS Slide Gloves: Justin Reed (Photo’s to be released Friday!)

Thanks for all the entries, jokes, stoke, and cash bribes! Don’t forget Game of S.K.A.T.E. IICheck out the new HELLCAT. And watch for the new IDLE HANDS Slide Gloves.


SoGnar the Dolphin

So Gnar has been holding it down as a key member of the Rayne team for many moons. Listening and responding to the sound of stoke, So Gnar helps make sure riders get the news on all Rayne has to offer.



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