Our homies over at Switchback Longboards posted up a sweet photo album from the board meeting check it out!

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This week’s edit comes from some mates down under.  Dani Hawes and Michael Bowditch bring us an edit from the land of sun, surf, and koala bears.

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September 26, 2014

LGC Open: 2nd Trailer

We've all been waiting a while but here is a few more shots of the Longboard Girls Crew open movie!

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September 24, 2014

Alfuso Film Reel

Alfuso has been the Full time Abec 11 filmer for a few years now and hes shot one on one videos with a bunch of our riders.

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Holy moly Mischa Chandler took some time off to go skateboarding and we got a photo!

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Rayne team rider Roberto Cobian just won a midwest race in the states!

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The SLC connection came through this week with a G’d out raw run courtesy of Salt Lake loc Riley Irvine.  

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Another epic video from the 3Heads crew over in Europe.

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